All served with sautéed onions, rice, charro beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, and hand-made tortillas.

Substitute rice & beans for a side salad. Add a side salad $1.99


Chicken or beef fajitas sautéed with Poblano peppers, mushroom, onions, cilantro, wine and cream sauce.

NUMERO DOS - For 1: $18.99       For 2: $38.99

Beef short ribs, chicken & beef fajitas, and grilled shrimp.


Half pound of beef, chicken or mixed fajitas.


One pound of beef, chicken or mixed fajitas.

PARILLADA "LA CHAPARRA" - Plate for two: $39.99

4 Grilled jumbo shrimp, beef and chicken fajitas and sausages. Served on a bed of grilled onions and topped with our chaparra sauce.

NUMERO UNO - For 1: $18.99       For 2: $38.99

¼ Lb. of beef or chicken fajitas and three grilled shrimp on a bed of grilled onions.

EL JOHN- $18.99

Beef and chicken fajitas, two bacon wrapped grilled shrimp, sausage link, on a bed of grilled onions.

EL REY - For 1: $18.99       For 2: $38.99

Half slab of B.B.Q. ribs, two jumbo grilled shrimp, three ounces of beef fajitas on a bed of grilled onions.


Two chargrilled quails, beef short Ribs, 4 grilled jumbo shrimp, beef and chicken fajitas and one Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese.

You can only add these options as sides for any Parrillada. * No exceptions *

Add 5 grilled shrimp to any parrillada. $11.99

Add pork BBQ ribs-Half Slab $4.99 | Whole $9.99

Add one quail $5.99

Add sausage order (4 slices) $4.99

Add pork carnitas (3 slices) $6.99

Add ½ lb fajitas $11.99

Add Chile Poblano w/ cheese. $2.99

Add extra Lancha $5.99

- Charro beans, rice, pico de gallo and guacamole.

You can also get one of our special sauces:

Chaparra Sauce - $5.99

Garlic, wine, butter, cumin, fresh jalapeños, mushrooms, pico de gallo.

Poblana Sauce - $5.99

Poblano peppers, red onions, mushrooms, garlic, wine and cream.

Caliente Sauce - $5.99

Garlic, wine, bell peppers, fresh jalapeños, tomatoes, chipotle.

Del Mar Sauce - $6.99

Garlic, wine, butter, scallops, shrimp, pico de gallo.